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House OfWinks

Specializing in Lash Extensions That are 100% safe for your natural lashes

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HOUSE OF WINKS - Blink & Beauty Bar is located in Downtown Evansville, IN and we believe that everyone should look as good on the outside as they do on the inside & therefore, offer specialized services in Lash Extensions & Microblading. Many people believe that eyelash extensions are harmful or damaging to your natural lashes or even painful to get. With proper training, proper application and quality professional products, not only can you wear eyelash extensions indefinitely with your natural lash health intact and thriving but you can relax and enjoy the experience with a little lash nap! Just ask any of our long time clients!


We pride ourselves in providing eyelash extensions that do not damage your natural lash in any way all while giving you the look your heart desires the most.  Continuing education is sought out at least 2 times a year so that we can bring that advanced education and lashing techniques straight to you!


You can rest easy during your lash nap knowing that you are receiving the best quality, care + undivided attention to detail that the Ohio Valley Area lash industry has to offer. We pride ourselves on amazing eyelash extensions in conjunction with healthy natural lashes! When you wake up, you will be relaxed, refreshed and fabulous with one of a kind lashes that has been completely customized to you!


Meet The Artist

The Lash Doctor

Danielle Fabrizio

Danielle has worn and continues to wear many hats in life. She started out as a cosmetologist who soon found her passion in lashes and brows. She loved the idea of lash extensions since she couldn't put a lash strip on herself to save her life! Not one to let a little thing like not having access to local training stop her, she started practicing on mannequin and then friends and family until she found a training opportunity suited to her. 

...And she never looked back!

Everyone will walk out with a new set of lashes and the best part of it all is that she customizes each clients lashes to their individual eyes shape, facial structure and desired outcome with advanced styling techniques! She has gone on to not only further her own knowledge through continuing education classes but has also gone on to open her own lash studio and training program! She now trains and mentors other lash artist along their new career path! 

As an affiliate for The Lashpreneur Society & BrilliantLashPro she helps others to make the most out of their lash business and uses only the best and top quality products, tools and lashes to give you the long lasting results you desire. But she's not stopping there... there have been moves to create her own private label of lash products and merchandise! 

Most recently she has received training and certification for Microblading from a company based out of Los Angeles, CA.  Now, not only can you have the lashes you've always dreamed of but you can have the brows of your dreams too!

Come in and stay a while in our little lash lounge. It truly is a relaxing and one of a kind experience!

Contact me for information about lash training & mentoring

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