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Baby Botox Facials

Hollywood's Best Kept Secret!

Baby Botox is a term which was first coined in the USA. After movie director Martin Scorsese complained that too many of his actresses were "frozen" and unable to use normal facial expression, actresses started seeking Botox treatments which while they still work, are more natural and wear off more quickly in time for their next part on the big screen.



It's a soft anti-wrinkle injection treatment that gives you a fresh & less wrinkled look while your face is at rest. Your wrinkles will appear softened but not completely gone. You will still have a lot of movement and expressions on your face. The Botox is injected in the usual areas but a smaller dose is used. These injections are applied with pinpoint precision to ensure beautiful natural results. It's a real life airbrush filter you get to wear around!



Baby Botox is a more preventative treatment than a corrective procedure. It has been on trend among celebrities & social media influencers for several years now. In fact, you've probably seen it on many of your friends but not realized it! That's the appeal of Baby Botox injections. They are VERY SUBTLE and also can be helpful in reducing the appearance of enlarged pores & inhibiting oil production. Botox injections work by freezing targeted facial muscles to keep you fro contracting them. This in turn prevents existing lines and wrinkles from getting deeper over time.

*The earliest age for Baby Botox is usually around 28 years because in reality, a lot of people in their 20's don't have lines that need treating yet - Your expression lines are part of who you are and not necessarily something you should try and hide!



There are typically 5 types of clients that use Baby Botox...

1. FIRST TIME BOTOX CLIENTS who are nervous about having this type of treatment & are afraid of looking frozen. This is a perfect procedure for "sticking your toes into the waters" to see if you like the look. The results are very subtle.

2. YOUNGER CLIENTS use Baby Botox who only need a light dose to prevent deep wrinkles and frown lines appearing as they grow older.

3. PREVENTATIVE CLIENTS who are using Botox as a preventative measure so that fine lines and wrinkles do not develop.

4. NATURAL LOOK SEEKERS who want an exceptionally subtle look to their results.

5. CLIENTS NEEDING FACIAL MOVEMENT e.g. actors and actresses who want to keep their full range of facial expressions, yet have some subtle suppression of the signs of ageing so that they look good on screen or in photos!

It's important to have real expectations from these types of procedures. Botox will not get rid of all wrinkles on your face - but it does help to smooth wrinkles.


*Baby Botox Facials are suitable for women and men of any age! It is like walking around with a permanent airbrush filter for your face!


Some clients need these treatments every few months as a way of topping-up the results achieved with their traditional Botox treatments. The length of time between treatments depends on the clients lifestyle and the naturally refreshed look that they want to maintain.

Clients who choose "Baby Botox" will see results last for around 3-4 months. I highly recommend 2 Baby Botox facials 1 month apart in the beginning to have longer lasting results of up to 6 months - which rivals regular Botox injections!


*Please be aware that the aim is NOT to eliminate all of your wrinkles but to soften their appearance and smooth your skin! 


If you regularly get Botox then you will certainly look much younger and have fewer wrinkles. Clients ask if their face will become wrinkled when they stop using Botox. However, if you discontinue to receive regular Botox treatments, your skin won't develop lines overnight and you'll still enjoy looking years younger relative to your age, depending on how long you kept up your Botox treatment program.  



The "injections" are used with a Hydra Stamp - clients may feel a slight "pinch". However we do offer numbing cream for those who are nervous/anxious about the procedure. Some clients reported a mild stinging sensation but little to no pain. The Botox portion of the service only takes about 10 minutes time!

It's okay to go to the gym after the facial but you don't want to lift weights or any real cardio for 24 hours. Your face needs a few hours to naturally heal. Going to the gym may metabolize the Botox prematurely in your system, thereby wasting your money and time! You'll also want to stay away from alcohol that day!


The most common side-effects of Botox are mild pain and tenderness around the points of injection as well as very mild swelling, which should subside within 48 hours. Very occasionally, the treatment may cause other muscle groups to relax, which can give the appearance of drooping eyebrows or eyelids. This is rare and should subside within a few weeks.

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