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Hi! I'm Danielle Nicole and I'm a modern inspired geode resin artist residing in Kentucky. I do a lot of geode art as well as some more abstract pieces with both resin and acrylic. I love doing one of a kind pieces that capture the eye and give a overall luxurious feel. This art demands attention! I do 3 types of art. Canvas which is mainly for acrylic abstract pieces which I never do commissions for - they are merely a way for me to be creative. The second being solid wood panels which is reserved for resin and is not meant to be hung but rather to lean up against something. The third being birch panels or wood canvases which are meant to be hung. Though I do try and do a lot of smaller pieces (which will be posted on this page as they become available), a lot of my art work is commission based. I try and capture the beauty of nature itself with my statement pieces and I love doing it as I find it a type of meditation and a way to express myself that I've not been able to do before while infusing my art with healing properties and positive energy.   . If you are interested in owing statement art please message through the contact page.


I very much believe that ART can have a higher purpose as does my mentor. For years crystals have been used in healing works. You will find that the quartz points will help to stimulate the chakras and help eliminate energy blockages. 




My modern (which is inspired by geode crystals) resin art is perfect if you are looking for an original piece of luxury art designed for your home, office, or if you are searching for that perfect gift. We will discuss colors and sizing and I will work with you to create a ONE OF A KIND MASTERPIECE. It is very helpful if you can send a couple photos of the space that your art will be in so that I can have a more clear idea on your style as well as the space I am creating for. My commissions start at $850 US + shipping for panels (not recommended for hanging) and $1,000 US + shipping for wooden canvases (recommended for hanging). 


We will email about the colors, sizing and price of the art and the amount for shipping. This is for my reference as well as yours. I will then either FaceTime or set up a Zoom conference with you. This is where we will discuss colors more in depth and the layout of the texture spots (where the crystals will go). I use real quartz for their healing properties. I have different types of crystals and can get certain kinds upon request - crystal points and herkimer diamonds will be an extra cost as well as cut stones. 

I require a 50% deposit will hold the next available commission spot.  It usually takes up to 2 months to have your commission ready to be shipped out. This is because it takes at least 2 weeks from creation to completion. Then I allow your art to fully cure for another 30 days before shipping to ensure that no damage comes to your masterpiece.

I can update you with a video or photos of your art as I want to make sure you are happy with the way it's turning out. This will be towards the end of the art comes together in layers, hence why it takes so long to create.

Once the piece is finished, I will send you a video of your art. This is when you will send the final payment.  The art is heavy, and it will need to be professionally hung. - A 5ft by 3ft will weight roughly 30 lbs - The art is then professionally packaged & shipped to you.


Please fill out the form on my contact page if you are interested in having your very own ONE OF A KIND MASTERPIECE.


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