Fiancing & Memberships

We understand that while everyone wants great eyebrows, some are on a budget. Financing is now available for Microblading as well as for Touch-Ups. Please see the details below and contact us with further questions or to set up your payment plan!

4 Different Financing Options to Choose From 

All Options Require a $100 non-refundable booking & financing fee.

Option 1 - 12 weekly payments of $37.50

Option 2 - 2 monthly payments of $225.00

Option 3 - 3 monthly payments of $150.00

Option 4 - 12 monthly payments of $45.00

Once you decide which option is best for you and pay your booking & financing fee we can go ahead and set up your appointment. 

What's Included



Initial Session


Perfecting Appt

     4-8 weeks later


Aftercare Cream


3 Numbing Creams

     for Both Appts

Monthly Membership for Microblading Touch-Ups

A Savings Plan for Your Brows!

When you sign up for a microblading membership you are choosing to invest in your brows. Instead of paying for your touch up all at once on the day of your service you pay only $25/mo. You can then choose to redeem your Touch-Up at either 6 months, 12 months, 18 months, 24 months or even 36 months!


What would you do for perfect maintenance free brows that are ready every morning even before your alarm goes off?? 

As an added bonus, all members get 10% off all retail products!

Monthly Memberships for Brow Sculpting

Get Your Brows In-Line!

Whether your brows need a weed whacker taken to them or they are so light you find people awkwardly invading your personal bubble just to be able to tell you have any brows at all - Brow Sculpting is the perfect solution!

With this Brow Sculpting Member ship you will get your brows waxed and cleaned up as well as shaped and sculpted to your individual facial structure! And for that added "oomph" we're throwing in a brow tint and lash tint your way too!

You pay just $50.00/mo for this amazing service! What if you need an extra appointment instead of just 1 a month? No problem! You will get an even greater discount on any additional appointments you may need!


Many people will choose to do this before proceeding with Microblading as it lets them get used to the idea of seeing what they will look like with brows!

As an added bonus, all members get 10% off all retail products!

Monthly Memberships for Lash Extensions

Make a Lash Nap a Thing & Wake Up Pretty Everytime!

If you are tired, over worked, stressed out, always running late or simply have better things to spend your time on then gobbing on the mascara in the morning only to have it look like you have a couple of spiders on your eyelids then this is the pampering you've been looking for!

Go ahead and hit that snooze button & wake up in your make-up!

With this membership you will be entitled to $50 off any full set at anytime you may need one as well as free removals. You will also get 1 free fill every month and a big discount if you need to come back a second time that month! 

This membership is only $55/mo and will have you feeling insta-pretty and ready for anything!

As an added bonus, all members get 10% off all retail products!

Financing & Memberships will be available starting Sept. 1, 2018



A text message is preferred and the quickest way to communicate.

You can also email us or 

reach us through social media!


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