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Aftercare Tip: Brushing your Lashes

Brushing your eyelash extensions is not only a must-do for keeping your lash extensions looking flawless at all times, it also stimulates blood flow to your hair follicles bringing fresh nutrients and oxygen to your natural lashes. After every appointment you will be given a lash wand so after a couple touch-up appointments you should have the start of a decent stock pile! I also carry crystal wands and other wands that come with their own carrying case in my studio so they wont collect all those "yuckies" floating around at the bottom of your purse! They are absolutely adorable to boot!

I recommend brushing the tops of your lashes first to line them up, then brush them up from underneath to give them lift! Please do not brush them from side to side as this will cause unnecessary wear and tear on your lash extensions!

Question for you: When is the last time you brushed your lashes? Leave a comment below with the last time you brushed your lashes!

-Danielle Fabrizio


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