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Aftercare Tip: Cleansing your Lash Extensions

Want to know my top tip for getting the most out of your eyelash extensions? Clean them! That's right, just like washing your hair, your lash line can get oily, grimy, and even bring on hygiene related infections that may mean i'll need to remove your lashes! Plus all of that sweat, oil, and makeup buildup starts to break down the adhesive! But all that is totally avoidable with cleaning your lash line regularly! I recommend using WINKS Lash Shampoo to ensure a happy line and keep those lashes hanging around for a long time! Just think of it as protecting your investment and your health!

Have you had issues with your retention in the past? Feel free to message me and we can troubleshoot as to why you might have had issues getting your lashes to last!

-Danielle Fabrizio


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