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How do you know if you have the RIGHT Lash Artist?

Want to know how to find the right lash artist?

This is a question that I know a lot of people are struggling with. It is also a very concerning issue and something that I wanted to address with the recent de-regulation of lash extensions in Kentucky. It is an issue affecting many in their search because there are so many improperly trained lash technicians out there and not only is this not safe but could cost you your eye sight. Lash extensions are applied with a surgical grade medical adhesive and is totally safe in the hands of a properly trained, educated and certified artist but can be very dangerous in anyone else's hands. So without further ado...

My 4 Top Tips for finding the right Lash Artist for you!

1. Research - their business & their work.

Start with their social media pages. You should be looking to see if they post regularly and not just random posts but photos of their work. This will allow you to see the quality of their work. If they post nothing but stock photos or photos that are unrelated then this should set off alarm bells because it could be due to them not having anything of quality to show off. If they don't think their work is worth showing off then what does that really say about them?

We all have to start somewhere and some may simply may be new and not confident in themselves yet and are not posting photos of their work for this reason. They will usually still have photos to show upon request. Let me share with you all what one of my first ever sets looked like!

This was my 2nd set EVER

Even if you are newly certified you should still be posting photos of your work! This was my 2nd set ever and this was during training! My model for my 1st set was done over 2 sessions due to time restraints so I shared with you my 1 full set done from start to finish in one sitting. My next blog will be all about how to spot quality work and what to look for when choosing a artist.

2. Is their workplace messy or cluttered?

Some places can look untidy, cluttered, messy or even worse - unclean. It is sad to say but it does happen. As cosmetologists and estheticans, we are trained on the best & safest practices in sanitation, blood borne pathogens & many other things. Those without proper training may not realize or have been taught these practices therefore putting you at risk for all sorts of possible contagions and contamination. Some states and countries do not require any formal training except for a certification course to be able to offer eyelash extensions. At the very least, the artist in training should be able to provide you with proof of certification as most courses I have inquired about do teach proper sanitation to some degree.

Since many places have a cancellation policy, you can always ask to come and check the place

out before making an appointment. You could also ask about coming in for a consultation before your appointment. Usually, if a person does charge for a consultation, it is a small amount and in most cases will go towards your appointment should you choose to make one. I know that I, myself, welcome this and see it as an extra step to get to know you and get an idea for what you are wanting before your actual appointment. This will also show who truly cares for their clients safety and those who have little care for their work and may not follow procedures to prevent cross contamination. Feel free to ask me about my precautions for your safety & cross contamination precautions!

3. Look for reviews

Look on Facebook, Google, Yelp, booking sites, etc. - especially the negative ones! Now you're probably thinking why would I recommend looking at negative reviews but I have a good reason so hear me out.

It is very important to not that you don't want to rule out a lash artist just because it doesn't have a 5 star review. Every business, whether it is an individual or a big corporation, can expect a bad review from time to time because not everyone is a good fit for each other. There are always going to be those that will also leave a false review for a place without ever having been there. What you need to look for in looking at the bad reviews is the response to the review. You need to look and see how the business/person responded because this will be a much better indication of how they really run their business and how they care for their customers/clients.

4. Make contact & ask questions before booking

Before actually booking for a service, you should ask questions. Ask any questions you can think of as well as the aftercare required. What products do they use? Ask to see qualifications (remember when I talked about certification?) & if they are insured. Any good artist will have a current insurance policy to protect them in the unlikelihood of something going wrong. Some may see numerous questions as an annoyance but a seasoned pro will be able to answer all your questions and do so knowing that your eyes are of the utmost importance as well as quell any fears and concerns you may have.

Please take what you have learned here and apply it to your search when looking for your next lash artist. My main intention here is to help educate you all in choosing the right artist for you. I do specialize in lash extensions that are safe for your natural lashes thus ensuring that you can wear your extensions indefinitely. I also customize every set to you individually based on your desired outcome, your facial structure & what your natural lashes can handle. Please let me know if you have any questions!

- Danielle Fabrizio


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