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Spring Lash Shed

It's here but I promise it'll pass...

Spring has Sprung & that means increased loss of hair on our bodies! -Including our lashes!! You may experience faster lash loss but not to worry because it is only temporary!

Everything will regulate and return to normal after a fill or two!

Digging a little deeper into the first shedding season of the year you may find that the Spring Shed is worse than the Fall Shed. This is because our bodies are preparing for the coming warmth and not only do we experience a shed but also increased oil production to prepare for the seasonal change to keep the hair and skin hydrated.

So what can you do to help counter act this shedding? Unfortunately, not much. It is important to keep your lashes clean during this time to help keep as much of these natural oils from sitting on your lashes and further breaking the bonds in the adhesive. You should be cleaning your lashes regularly anyway but it is especially important during this time to keep the buildup off of the lashes and to keep your hair follicles from getting clogged adding even more stress to the lashes.

You may notice more lash loss during cleaning your lashes during this time but I assure you it is normal! Keep coming in for regular fills. Don't stress. And remember this too shall pass!

-Danielle Fabrizio


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