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Social Media Ad Pics 

Lashes Pkg 1

Are you ready to take your "Ad Game" to the next level?


This package comes with 21 beautiful photos without watermarks that have "lash sayings" on them for you to post to social media, website or any other way you see fit!

Social Media Ad Pics 

Lashes Pkg 2

Adding to the previous package with even more amazing photos. Be a master of your own social media!

This package comes with 20 beautiful photos without watermarks with even more "lash sayings". Take control and drive more traffic to you with better photos to post!

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Cancellation Policy.png

Everyone should have a cancellation policy in place but not everyone does. Here is mine. Feel free to use it as you wish. Payment is not necessary. This one's on me!

Client intake forms for Lash and Brow Extensions!! Client registration, history, liability waiver and release and a signature page for them to sign when they agree to have you perform your services on them! Download and use for all your clients!

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How to keep your clients happy with good


Do you know how your adhesive works? I mean really works? Do you know how to work WITH your adhesive so that it's working with you and not against you? 

I remember having more questions than answers and being frustrated beyond belief when I first started lashing. My clients lashes would NOT last past 1 FRIGGIN WEEK!!!

So I dug in and learned everything I could. I learned why humidity was important and how to manipulate my adhesive without having to buy all kinds of expensive humidifiers and dehumidifiers.

What would you say if I told you that your clients no longer had to wait to get their lashes wet? 

Learn all my tips and tricks and the science that goes into the liveblood of our business! 

Bonus: I tell you EXACTLY what adhesive I use and give you a discount code!

Microblading/Brow Ad Packages

& Hairstylist Ad Packages

coming soon!

Want me to create content just for you? Contact me via the contact page and let me know exactly what you want and I'll get back to you!

Also, feel free to join our Facebook group where I will be addressing issues that you are all struggling with in your lashing careers!