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Winks Merchandise


$24.99 each

Nutritional Lash Serum


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Salvation in a bottle for 

your eyes and total rescue for your lash extensions! Due to its components, this product supports natural lashes & extends the life of your lash extensions. Regular applications will significantly strengthen natural lashes & form a coat around the extensions thus prolonging the life of your extensions!

10ml tube - $39.99             

Sleep Masks


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If you are one of those all night"tossers" and "turners"

then you'll be needing one of these babies! The Sleep Mask is designed to help protect & help prevent lash loss during those restless nights. 


Gone are the days of waking up next to unwanted lash loss on your pillow!

1 Mask - $24.99

Lash Mirror


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A girl needs her accessories and so do your lashes! Our lash mirror is designed to be the perfect travel mirror to keep your lashes on point no matter where you are! 

Buy them 1 at a time or in a bundle of 3!

1 Mirror  - $6.00

3 Mirrors - $12.00



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Because when you're obsessed with your lashes, it shows. We show our obsession at WINKS with EVERYTHING lashes! We're like Oprah up here! YOU GET LASHES! & YOU GET LASHES! Now your ears can have lashes too! And aren't these just darling!!! 

1 Pair - $ 12.50

Lash Cleanser Brushes

Cleansing Brush.jpg

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This ULTRA SOFT brush is fantastic for cleansing your lashes & feels absolutely amazing!

1 Brush - $ 6.00

2 Brushes - $ 10.00

3 Brushes - $ 15.00

Foaming Lash Cleanser


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Use this luxurious foaming cleanser to remove makeup and any traces of oil. Helps to prevent build up and promotes overall healthy hygiene when used on a daily basis so you can wear your lashes as long as you desire! Rinse well with water after using.

30ml bottle - $ 18.00

50ml bottle - $ 24.00

Travel Lash Wands

travel wands.jpg

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Keep dirt & fuzzies from getting into your lash wands! Travel wands are also a great way to express your personal style! Ask about current styles!

1 Wand - $ 5.99

2 Wands - $ 8.99

3 Wands - $ 10.00

Coffee Mugs

Sleeping Lashes Mug.jpg

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Coffee and Lashes can now be a daily love affair! Express your love for lashes with your morning coffee or tea.

1 Mug - $19.99

Moisturizing Collagen Lip Masks

collagen lip mask.jpg

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Lip masks are now available as a take home item!


Plump Your Pout Hydrating Collagen lip masks are fabulous for anyone who wants fuller, softer kissable lips. 

1 Mask - $5.00

3 Masks - $12.00

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